How to Measure

Video Instructions

You can watch my video for instructions on how to measure, or for more detailed instructions keep reading below the video! 

All measurements need to be taken in centimetres, use a measuring tape which can easily be purchased from most supermarkets for a few dollars. Take all measurements with either underwear or thin active wear on, no jumpers or bulky items.

If you think you are either between sizes or a mix of many sizes you may prefer to enter your measurements in the comments section at cart, see below. I will then tailor a standard size to suit your measurements. 

IMPORTANT!!! Please let me know if you usually have any issues with sizing in general, I can easily account for it. For example I always find sleeves to be too tight to get the right fit on my bust in shop bought dresses, so I always make them a little larger to be comfy. It's the little things that can make your dress perfect, and the more information you give me the better I can make it!

Please cut and paste this section into the comments and add your numbers:




Hips/ Bottom/ Thighs:


Skirt Length from Waist:

Total Waist Length:

Bust Height:


Extra Instructions:

Now watch the video and fill out your measurements!


Written Instructions 


Take the tape around your underarms and above your bust, pull it snug, this is your chest measurement.


Take the tape around your bust at the fullest point and under your underarms, then pull it firm, but don't squash yourself, this is your bust measurement.


Take the tape around the smallest part of your waist and keep it snug but not too firm, this is your waist measurement.


Place the tape measure around the largest part of your hips/ bottom/ thighs. This may be either of those places, often it is different for everyone, as long as it's the largest part. Take the measurement firmly, but not too loose or tight. 


Then please place the start of the tape at your waist and let it fall to the floor, and take the skirt length exactly where you would like it. Take this measurement looking in a mirror as if you bend over it will change! 


Put your tape measure on your waist at the front, run it over the fullest part of your bust, over your shoulder at the highest point then down your back to your waist at the back, this is your total waist measurement


Place your tape measure at the highest point of your shoulder to the fullest part of your bust, this is your bust height measurement.